Why it works

With the help of scientific research in health, behavioural science and new technologies,
we can help people adopt healthy behaviours and live long, happy lives.

Converging scientific knowledge towards prevention

Hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical studies have proven the benefits of healthy behaviours on our health, dozens of change management models were proven to help us transition towards new behaviours, and thousands of case studies have demonstrated how AI can help create a premium, tailored experience.

By bringing each together to work in harmony, we aim to transform prevention into what it should be: simple and exciting.

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Behavioural Science

Neurocognitism model of primary motivations

Understanding who you are means understanding what motivates you. Lilo will seek to get a grasp of your personality, so that it can communicate more appropriately and give you unique objectives and rewards to keep you motivated.

By understanding how you work, you will also be able to better understand why sometimes you do not feel motivated, but also why sometimes you feel like you could climb a mountain.

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Behavioural Science

ADKAR by Prosci®:
A robust change management framework

A proven and structural approach on behavioural change to provide a hands-on, week-by-week plan that works for the long-term. The ADKAR model is mostly known for helping thousands of organizations within their change transitions.

When building Lilo, we wanted to create a program that, once finished, will impact the rest of your life. ADKAR is at the foundation of our "learn-as-you-go" approach, in which you learn, experiment, and slowly build up the knowledge and habits you need for the long run.

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Clinical Research

Scientific Library

Lilo’s database (or “scientific library”) contains hundreds of published, peer-reviewed, clinical studies to ensure that all recommendations within the user’s plan are beneficial and will lead to long-term positive health outcomes.

Because you no longer need to research hours after hours what will work for you and what won't, you can finally focus on "getting it done" and track your progress along the way.

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Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Building the new standards in prevention

Lilo is driven by a powerful AI. It uses and analyses hundreds of data points in order to be able to determine who you are and what you need with as much precision as possible.

This means that the more you use Lilo, and the more information you give it, the better it will get at helping you.

Within this model, and its similarity matching algorithm, Lilo can get inspired by your success and, by understanding what worked for you, use it to help guide others who are struggling.

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Coming Soon

Making blood sampling a simple
and exciting experience

A virtually painless experience for minimally trained users allowing a seamless blood collection in under 10 minutes anywhere, anytime.