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In a nutshell

1. Meet with Lilo

Lilo is your digital health assistant. Together, each week, you will track your progress and define objectives for the coming week.

2. Complete weekly goals

Each week, you receive a number of realistic objectives to complete. Reach 100%, and you know you are on track.

3. Level Up

Step-by-step, you get closer to your goal. This is done through a total of 30 levels within three lifestyle dimensions*.

*more to come soon

In the sea of options
we make it simple

How many times did you give yourself a goal to lose weight, eat more veggies and fruits, and exercise more? How long did you last until your streak broke and you fell back into the old regime?

Designing Lilo, we understood restriction and sudden change into the old habits do not work for most. Instead, we created a step-by-step plan with levels, focusing on one new goal every week.

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Designed based on coaching best practices

Milestones, continuous feedback, adaptations, celebration.

Based on your health needs, current lifestyle and preferences, Lilo will start you off with a targeted level of activity, healthful food intake and cheat meals.

All you need to do is select which area you want to focus on, make a selection, and stick to it for the next 7 days.

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All designed to improve your
health results

Most common reasons for using Lilo

You ...

Have high cholesterol/lipids levels

In most cases, cholesterol levels can be brought back to safe levels solely through behavioural changes. Lilo will assist you to ensure a smooth transition.

If you have a genetic predisposition, treatment is in most cases necessary, just as keeping a healthy lifestyle. Lilo can support you in this.

Lilo allows you to track your blood lipids over time, and set up reminders for treatments and measurements.

You ...

Have hypertension

A high blood pressure is a sign that your blood might be struggling to flow across your body. In most cases, this is due to lifestyle factors. Lilo will help you decrease the size of atherosclerotic plaques in your veins and arteries, as well as relax its membrane to reduce the risks of a cardiovascular event.

Lilo allows you to track your blood pressure measurements over time, and set up reminders for treatments and measurements.

You ...

Are at risk of type 2 diabetes (prediabetes)

You can prevent diabetes type 2 through behavioural changes you make today. Lilo will assist you by pointing you towards the right foods to eat, and help you step-by-step build a routine to keep you moving.

Lilo allows you to track your blood lipids over time, and set up reminders for treatments and measurements.

You ...

Want to lose weight and be more active

Most of us want to be and feel fit. It gives a sense of freedom, we feel more attractive, and overall we feel better in our body and mind. Staying in the recommended weight range has also many health benefits, and can help drastically reduce risks from cardiovascular diseases.

Lilo allows you to track your BMI over time, and set up reminders for measurements.


Weekly Action Plan

Select the category you what to improve each week (activity, healthful nutrition or cheat meals) and stick to your new goal for the next 7 days.


Personalised Recommendations for Foods & Activities

Based on your health needs and preferences, Lilo finds the best ingredients for you, understand your weaknesses, and make it easier for you to get moving.


50+ Healthful Recipes

With new Heart healthy recipes handpicked and added each week, Lilo can already help you go from ingredients to a delicious, delightful meal.


Automated Shopping List

After selecting Superfoods and Recipes, Lilo generates an automatic list of ingredients you need to complete your food goals.
It does not get simpler than that


Cheat Food Logging & Scanner

If you are unsure wether you are having a cheat meal. Our NutriScore Scanner detects foods that are D & E Scores that you can log and keep an eye on.


Connection with your Doctor

During your next visit, ask your doctor for his Lilo Code. By linking your account, your doctor can better keep track of your progress, and motivate you along the way.


Vote for the Next Feature in Co-Creation Hub

Tell us what you need and we will deliver. All Lilo features are designed and developed with people like you, patients and healthcare professionals.


Blood Markers Progress Tracking & Visualisation

Keep track of your blood reports and visualise over time. Each biomarker includes a well-established reference range.


Blood Pressure & BMI Tracking & Visualisation

Log in your Blood Pressure readings and BMI and see progress over time.


Medication Reminders

Set reminders for your medication intake.


Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Overview

An overview of known preventable and unpreventable risk factors and how exposed you are.

Coming Soon

Collect Lilo Points for Completed Goals & Rewards

Extra motivation and dopamine kick when sticking to your Lilo plan. Collect points and redeem for exciting rewards.

Coming Soon


Family & Friends

Create a group of your family members and friends who are on Lilo and set exciting challenges.

Coming Soon


Interactive Learning & Quizzes

It is common to get overloaded with information. With Lilo, you only unlock relevant topics based on your progress.

Coming Soon