Lilo for Doctors

A health companion for your patients in between their visits

An easy prevention & remote monitoring solution that connects you and your patients

Each patient is different

Because each patient has its own way of thinking, expectations and motivations, when it comes to asking them to adopt new behaviours, it can be difficult and time-consuming to manage.

Lilo guides them week by week, and allows you to follow their progress in-between consultations.

Scientific Research & Clinical Literature

Behavioral Science

Tailored plan of nutrition and activities

Designed to improve health results & lifestyle habits

Within its program, Lilo provides users with a wide range of suggestions clinically validated to improve key biomarkers levels and BMI. This could include ingredients, activities, and lifestyle advices.

On top of that, users are able to log in their treatments to receive more information on why it is important they stick to it, and can easily set up daily reminders.

Finally, users are also invited to keep track of their blood measurements, blood pressure, and BMI on a regular basis. This helps him see progress as he successfully follow the plan and stick to his treatments

Best suited for patients who:

Have high cholesterol or are on statin treatment

Have elevated blood pressure

Are at risk of type 2 diabetes

Want to lose weight and be more active

Your own platform to track the progress of your patients

Completely free of charge, your secure doctor platform can be easily accessed online. No input is required from you on the platform, it will showcase what your patient wishes to track and improve.

Start connecting your patients in 3 Steps

1. Register & Get Verified

Complete the registration form to obtain a Lilo Doctor account. We carefully verify each request by meeting or a video call.

2. Share your Lilo Doctor Code

Once your patients downloaded the app, they will have access to a free trial. From there, they can easily connect with you using your code.

3. Add Patients to your Dashboard

If your patient wishes to share his progress on Lilo, you may find his connection request in your Dashboard.

This means your patient is now proactively building new, healthy habits !