Affordable prevention for everyone, so that we can all live long and happy lives.

Our mission is to bring our customers all the tools they need to proactively prevent today's deadliest diseases, in a way that is simple, fun, and affordable.

With you help, it is possible.

Innovating health and prevention with the use of new technologies and analytics

Our vision is to democratise the access to simple, useful health information, and ultimately help citizens better track, predict, and prevent today’s deadliest diseases.

We do that by leveraging on new technologies and artificial intelligence, supported by behavioural science and extensive research, in order to significantly reduce health-related costs and improve our customer’s overall experience towards a healthier state.

How was Lilo created

Lilo is inspired by
the Moon Jellyfish, considered biologically immortal.

When creating our brand and logo, we wanted our mission to be represented. Playing with words live long, we discovered the name Lilo and that is was free to grab (and trademark).

The next step was to find the right "mascot". We wanted to know if there are any species that live long and are able to ward off diseases, which is how we found the Moon Jellyfish. It is able to reverse its ageing, which made it a prominent target for research studies.

Meet the Lilo Team

Thibault Jacquemart
Co-Founder & CEO
Alexandra Bendicakova
Co-Founder & Head of Product
Sylvain Vandevelde
Senior Software Engineer
Quentin Gaspard
Senior Software Engineer