Health made
simple and exciting

Let Lilo guide you to the healthiest you, with a unique twist on personality, a robust intelligence, and a strange relationship to blood

A New Approach to
Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer Prevention

Protecting ourselves from today’s deadliest diseases is incredibly effective.
However, today, we often find it overwhelming, too demanding,
exhausting, and overall unpleasant.

Not only we need to make it simpler: it must be motivating, fun,
and rewarding.
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A Transforming Experience
built for long-term results

Lilo is built on some of the most renowned change management models to ensure we come out of our Lilo journey a new, healthier, and happier person for the rest of our life.

Scientific Research & Clinical Literature

Behavioral Science

Artificial Intelligence

A Robust Intelligence
for a journey that works for us and with us

Making it simpler does not mean simple. Lilo constantly learns about who we are, what we like, dislike, what we need, and matches us with its vast knowledge in order to set us up for success.

Making Blood Testing
quick, painless and automated

Blood testing plays an often underestimated, yet key, role in defining what we need, detecting preventable risks, providing peace of mind, and keeping us motivated with tangible improvements.

Easily input your blood data within Lilo, or for those looking for a comfortable, automated solution to blood testing, Lilo also has you covered with an easy, fast and painless home test.

You are different

As a matter of fact, we all are. One’s successful path to a healthy life might be another one’s failure. Lilo seeks to set you up on your winning path as fast as possible.

Is Lilo for me?

Most common reasons for using Lilo

You ...

Have high cholesterol/lipids levels

In most cases, cholesterol levels can be brought back to safe levels solely through behavioral changes. Lilo will assist you to ensure a smooth transition.
If you have a genetic predisposition, it is likely that you should also be under treatment. Lilo allows you to track your blood lipids over time, and set up reminders for treatments and measurements.

You ...

Have hypertension

A high blood pressure is a sign that your blood might be struggling to flow across your body. In most cases, this is due to lifestyle factors. Lilo will help you decrease the size of atherosclerotic plaques in your veins and arteries, as well as relax its membrane to reduce the risks of a cardiovascular event. Lilo allows you to track your blood pressure measurements over time, and set up reminders for treatments and measurements.

You ...

Are at risk of type 2 diabetes (prediabetes)

You can prevent diabetes type 2 through behavioral changes you make today. Lilo will assist you by pointing you towards the right foods to eat, and help you step-by-step build a routine to keep you moving. Lilo allows you to track your blood lipids over time, and set up reminders for treatments and measurements.

You ...

Want to lose weight and be more active

Most of us want to be and feel fit. It gives a sense of freedom, we feel more attractive, and overall we feel better in our body and mind. Staying in the recommended weight range has also many health benefits, and can help drastically reduce risks from cardiovascular diseases. Lilo allows you to track your BMI over time, and set up reminders for measurements.